Church of Scientology (Part 1)

This wasn't your typical Sunday morning service (albeit, it was marketed as such). We were immediately thrust into a sales funnel type of process...

  • 15 minute biography video on glorified founder L. Ronald Hubbert (aka Ronnie)
  • 200 question personality test (interrupted by an irate visitor who had her notebook jacked)
  • 30 minute timed IQ test (apparently people score 30% after joining the church - holy shit!)
  • The Sermon (don't get it twisted, papa didn't preach)
  • Test Results and Analysis (you suck - JOIN US and be better!)

The Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

A five mile hike through the San Gabriel Mountains in North LA lead us to standing on the edge of a random bridge preparing to plummet 100+ feet into a ravine. And we're going back - oh yes - we're going back. Email if you want to join us on our next Quarterly Quest.

Highlights include:

  • Grown men screaming like little girls
  • Jordan nearly hitting the top of the bridge on the bounce return
  • Bulletproof Biggie considers taking the leap (but does he follow through?!)
  • A powerful example of diving into The Vertical Realm

Jordan had a lifelong dream of learning how to play acoustic guitar, and he finally took the plunge. After a few months of scattered lessons, fairly consistent dedication, and some tips from friends, he learned his first song Ed Sheeran's, Thinking Out Loud.

Highlights include:

  • Jordan shirtless (nothing new here)
  • Untamed, scattered, pubic-esque facial hair
  • Passion and vulnerability (oh snap!)

Why this song?