The Mystic Misfits Present

Immersion Experience | Austin, TX | Los Angeles, CA | Sedona, AZ

Imagine the most intense, awesome and growth-filled experiences of your life packed into one weekend.

We’re talking living, breathing TRANSFORMATION.

Wake up with a stunningly warm, picturesque view of the magic and mystery of your dream life.

Have immediate access to the most potent superfoods, supplements, tonics, elixirs, and Bulletproof Coffee, provided at what is affectionately called The Misfit Mixology bar.

Enjoy daily yoga, meditation, and full-spectrum movement designed to expand your mind, body and spirit.

Release your inner energies with breathwork, bioenergetics, and archetypal workshops meant to show you the mystical side of your Hero’s Journey.

2017_09_03-PDOC-_A650757 (1).jpg

The Misfits will walk you through the process of…

  • Becoming the best parent, lover, or friend you can possibly be by practicing evolved authentic communication

  • Strategically up-leveling your social media and content creation skills

  • Building the business or brand you’ve always dreamed about

  • Anything else you may or may not be able to imagine

You provide your desires and goals, and we will custom-create your experience to a wild success, ensuring we squeeze out every juicy drop of growth as your unique experiment unfolds.

Using our years of personal development research, meditative practices, extensive event facilitation, & workshop skillsets, we will literally activate your inner hero.

Trust the process. Surrender to the experience. Welcome to your safe space to not play it safe.

Infinite Love,

The Mystic Misfits