Ryan is committed to radical honesty, empathy, love, and being a fucking WARRIOR.

(He is the one typing this bio and referring to himself in third person. He finds the process of writing a bio to be quite hilarious.)

Ryan grew up getting into lots of trouble while selling and using copious amounts of highly illegal drugs. He was quite the little rascal and was sent to an alternative school where he dropped out for a period of time and then later went back to night classes to get his diploma.

After witnessing several brutal acts of violence, Ryan realized that his life was headed towards prison or death. He decided to join the military and served 4 years in the Air Force, where he was deployed to the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After finishing enlistment, he attended college at UC Santa Cruz, pursuing a degree in psychology, while surfing, doing jiu jitsu, and meditating in the redwoods.

While preparing to apply for PhD programs, he got bit by the ole entrepreneur bug and realized that he could help people face their fears and find their inner confidence without having letters behind his name.

He eventually formed the Mystic Misfits with his brother Jordan and best friend Kevin and the rest is HISTORY.