I am a life coach, social media influencer, event/retreat host and musician. There are at least ten thousand other things that describe me, but this is a good place to start…


I often times describe myself as the bridge between the esoteric and the generic. The woowoo guru and the tangible YOU.

I facilitate elevated connection by creating safe places to not play it safe, incorporating bioenergetics, holistic health, interpersonal polarity, and social magnetism into my work/play.

I am the Co-Founder and COO of The Mystic Misfits, Co-Founder and CEO of Flow Life, and National Edu-tainer for Bulletproof Nutrition.

Mystic Misfit is a lifestyle brand that is represented by The Mystic Misfits, which includes myself, my older brother Ryan Bowditch (CEO), and my best friend Kevin Orosz (CMO). We MC/host events, online group coaching programs, and in-person immersion experiences. We have been referred to as the Gurus of Fun, a conscious boy brand, and other titles that I may or may not be aware of.

My partner Alexa Martinez and I are co-founders of Flow Life, where we curate personalized, community and connection based immersive experiences in conjunction with major music festival events, using our renovated school bus (Florence aka FLOW) as the Festival Vessel and campsite anchor. Under this umbrella we also launched Flow Glow, biodegradable festival and event glitter. We like to shine responsibly ;)

I am also the National Education Manager for Bulletproof (like the coffee). I have worn many different hats as one of the original start-up employees with the company coming up on five years, and I am SO proud to continue to serve in its mission, which is so aligned with my unique purpose.

As much as anything, I love inspiring higher truths through humor and radical authenticity.

I grew up half in California, half Ohio - a classic half and halfer with midwest small town roots and Southern California vibes. I lost track of the relatives and friends who housed me through adolescence, which created the chameleon that is me. What happens when a village raises a child?

A Jordan Maurice Bowditch :)

I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Marketing, minor in International Studies and a masters in #fratlife. Half kidding, mostly serious. I had an incredibly impactful fraternity experience where I learned a lot of notable social, leadership, and business skills.