The Vertical Realm: Bungee Jumping Into Another Dimension

I have a thought experiment that may change your life. Down to give it a shot? Well then, let us spark a little enlightenment bonfire and get started.

Imagine a place on earth where time doesn’t exist. Your physical senses are measurably increased. Your confidence soars and big dreams come true. The basic rules of cause and effect, biology, and physics - all still technically apply, but they manifest in seemingly supernatural ways. Time distortion, elevated senses, intense perceptual enhancements,  psychic-like intuition, feelings of deep spiritual connection - these are all the norm. Flex your imagination muscles. Come up with a name for this place. Your own happy place…

I call mine "The Crystal Cakebox". The Crystal Cakebox goes by another more common name - The Vertical Realm. Think of the vertical realm as a country. A country encompassing profound psychological states. Mystical/spiritual experiences, flow states, and peak experiences are all found in the vertical. I will go into greater detail about these states of consciousness in future posts but, for now, just know they all hold tremendous power. Undeniable energy that elevates your life.

In the Cakebox, life isn’t a race against the clock. The clock doesn’t exist. To quote Alan Watts, “There is no past and there is no future, only here and now." In your vertical happy place, dreams are not stifled by fear. Fear of failing…running out of time…getting ‘too old’. Your mind doesn’t waste energy agonizing over mistakes from the past. It doesn’t panic in fear of future mistakes. Without these mental burdens your brain has extra neuron firepower. Brain juice that effectively enhances your existence. Mmmm…mmh drink in that neuro-cocktail always goes down smooth.

What will you do in your Cakebox? What adventures will you go on? What new skills will you learn? Which relationships will you leave or pursue? What ‘unrealistic’ dreams will you resurrect? You are not afraid to make a mistake because you have infinity to keep trying. In certain situations you may even feel a deep sense of connection to a higher power…The Universe…God - the name does not matter for the feeing is the same. Expansion of mind, body, and cosmic interconnectivity are limitless.

How does it feel in your Cakebox? Exciting? Motivating? I’m downright giddy. I bet your  the same. Ya, I see you. Hands held high and ever closer to our bonfire of enlightenment. Almost like a church congregation praising God.

Hallelujah bitches! 

Lets take this bonfire session a bit further. Dump gasoline on that bad boy. Fellow Mysfits...

The land of the Crystal Cakebox is real.

I shit you not (nor would I ever shit on you). And not only does this place exist - you’ve been there before. Numerous times. The more bold seekers go there daily. Still not sure if you have been in The Vertical? Well, you have...

Ever been swept away in a moment so thrilling you completely lost track of time? Vertical. Became so in tune with another person that your conversations were effortless? Vertical. Knocked out one more rep when you were sure you couldn’t do another? Vertical baby. That euphoric feeling as you effortlessly engage and execute on something you’re passion about…those lip-melting smooches...that killer speech when you suddenly lost your anxiety and felt connected to the crowd...all vertical moments.

That killer speech when you blacked out? Vertical realm.

In the vertical, you’re so deeply immersed in the experience that there is only room for complete and utter presence. Anxiety evaporates. Colors are more vibrant. Sounds take on new life. Your body awakens with newfound awareness. Movement is effortless. The familiar sense of struggle that often comes with learning something new is gone. It’s replaced by pure flow. The power of the vertical land is not easy to confine to language. But it’s kind of like the ultimate quantum theme park, where ANYTHING is possible. It is the bees knees. The cat’s pajamas. It is...The Crystal Cakebox. In short, the single most important place to be. 

To understand The Vertical Plane, it is necessary to examine it’s counterpart - the horizontal. The horizontal plane is the land of the clock and calendar. Thinking about the past and planning for the future. Where rational thinking happens. If you ever felt compelled to take action towards a dream but thought it was unrealistic or would take too long,  you were in the horizontal. You know…the ‘real world'. The irony is that the horizontal world is anything but real. It is merely a tool for planning. Guilt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy love kickin it in the horizontal, and there is a strong association with the ‘I’. The ego as Freud calls it. This is where we abide by life’s supposed limits. Fitting into societal norms and being a good little slave are the maniacal mechanisms of the horizontal.

To be fair, the horizontal is not all bad. It is necessary for daily planning and considering future scenarios that positively affect your life. Using the horizontal for visualization is no doubt a powerful tool. Shit, you just used it to imagine your vertical happy place. The horizontal is a part of life that must be embraced, unless you’re a monk who’s abandoned common civilization (not gonna lie, I’ve given this serious thought). Basically, the horizontal is like your mom or dad’s house - fine to visit, but you’re not trying to live there (loser). The question is not how to abandon the horizontal. Rather, how can you use the horizontal to plan for entering the vertical.

Below are two alternative perspectives to the same scenario. One of which was experienced by this writer. One shows what it’s like to be trapped in the horizontal. The other represents what it’s like to be floating in the vertical.

Scenario 1: The Horizontal Realm

As we neared the end of our hike deep into the San Gabriel Mountains, everyone nervously gathered in the middle of a giant concrete structure called ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’. And it was quite literally a bridge to nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, which made it all the more menacing. I was going to leap from it with only a bungee cord to stop my body from smashing into the rocks below. The absence of a nearby hospital did not escape me, nor did the glaring yellow outline of a helipad for life flights.

The bungee guides asked if there were any volunteers to go first. I averted my gaze. I’m definitely not going first. What if something goes wrong with the gear? I’ll jump later. Then began the crippling rationality game. I told myself I hadn’t wanted to do this in the first place. I only signed up so I could have a cool story to tell. My friends were the ones who really wanted to do this. Blah, blah, blah. But deep in my heart chakra, I knew better. The dreaded mind chatterer had taken over and now there's only the voice. ˆThat damn voice.  It has hijacked my ability to act. 

The day slowly disappeared with the sun, and the number of people who hadn’t jumped dwindled to one - yours truly. I glanced over the edge for the 50th time. My gut churned and forced, no, puked up the words “I can’t do it.” The fear demon was too strong. It had its bony fingers wrapped firmly around my throat. I barely squeaked out from a choked breath, “I’m going home.”

As I hiked the five miles back to civilization, I replayed the scenario over and over. I didn't notice the beautiful rivers and mountains I crossed. Nope. I had more pressing matters to attend to, namely beating myself up, and attempting to painfully analyzing why I hadn't jumped . I thought about turning back, but my horizontal mind told me it was too far. It would take too long.

Scenario 2: The Vertical Realm 

Everyone gathered on The Bridge to Nowhere. The bungee instructor gave a mischievous Cheshire cat grin and asked the crowd of 30, “So who is going first?” Without hesitation, my hand shot up. I looked over and saw that my younger brother’s hand was sky high as well. We silently nodded to each other. An acknowledgement of each others souls. Namaste, my brotha from the same motha. And so began a journey deep into the vertical realm.

As I stepped to the edge of the bridge, I felt the strength of the concrete. I heard the encouraging shouts from the instructors and my fellow flow junkies. I felt an indescribable connection with them. I looked down to the rocks at the bottom of the bridge. I swear I could see every outline of those beautiful boulders. I saw the river swirling and churning, looking like a Starry Night painting. Utterly breathtaking. Then the instructor began the countdown “3…2…1! Bungee!”

The vertical realm is calling you. The promises of life changing experiences are not in vain. The horizontal mind is the only thing stopping you.

By now I hope that I've made it clear that we have been made a slave without even knowing it. The horizontal world. Where time wraps its handcuffs around the the body of freedom. Stopping us from becoming great. If we are not careful, the horizontal can - and will - trap us. It is the hammer slamming nails into the rational and oh so safe confined space. Sadly its more like a coffin. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can use the horizontal to smoothly guide us into the vertical. We can use it like a machete to hack away anything that is in our path and does not serve us, effectively clearing the way of the path, while going deeper and deeper into the heart of the wondrous vertical realm.

That realm where your worries and anxieties are not forgotten, they simply don’t exist. There is  just pure being in deep communion with God, nature, and that buzzing frequency of energy that fills you up more and more.

So if you feel yourself spending more time in the horizontal than The Vertical, it’s time to wake the fuck up. Change your standards. Become clear about the people and activities that guide you to the entrance of your own Crystal Cakebox. Design your vertical world and frequent it daily. Or as Joe Rogan puts it...

“Live your life like a documentary crew is following you around.”

Pretend this is the part of the movie where you were a slave to the horizontal. Now flip the script and become the hero of your own movie. Let your anxieties and fears dissolve in the solution of timelessness.

Stay Vertical,

Orion AKA The Cakebox Oracle