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Quarterly Quest: The Bridge to Nowhere

Friends, you are invited to embark upon a journey hosted by the Mystic Misfits...

A beautiful six mile hike through the San Gabriel Mountains of Azusa (LA) reveals The Bridge to Nowhere - home to a 100+ foot leap to what your body recognizes as certain death.

An experience of a lifetime awaits you. Skydiving ain't got shit on bungee jumping. This is the ULTIMATE rush - an unparalleled flow state catalyst.

That's not all. We have some rad activites planned, including but not limited to:

Guitar riff freestyles
Group meditation
Gratitude circle
Campfire story-telling

So many activities!

Pricing is as follows...

$100 - 1 jump
$50 per additional jump
$300 - 5 jumps (max)

We HIGHLY recommend doing AT LEAST 2-3 jumps, ideally 4-5. Doing 1-2 will not do your experience justice. By the third and fourth, your body has adjusted to the system shock, and you're able to be FULLY present.

You can go for just the day, or there is the option to camp overnight, which offers the EPIC night jump and a slew of tribal shenanigans that you don't want to miss out on.

Come with me, and you'll see, a world of pure imagination...

This is the first of many Quarterly Quests hosted by The Mystic Misfits -Ryan BowditchJordan Maurice BowditchKevin Oroszlán

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