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Misfit Christmas

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is wearing a loud Christmas sweater for all to hear...

Details for tonight...

Doors open at 7. Bring a drink and finger fooooood

Activities start at 8 - SHARP (so many activities...�)

Intentional tribal gathering until 11pm

11pm - whenever: AFTERGLOW (open mic, group art project�)

(come's LIT...fam)

Misfit Christmas Sweet Sweater Shingdig Recap:
What a honor to share the space of transformation with the tribe!
Thank you to all of the adventurers that showed up strong and true for holiday cheer @ the #Brojo ! 

:D We salute you for choosing an Elevated Existence :D

1] Starting this coming Wednesday 12/14, the Twelve Days of#MisfitChristmas begins!
Sign up for our newsletter here to join the movement:

Join the 12 Days of Misfit Christmas Facebook group here:

2] To all the influencers, creatives, and brands present at the party, please post a link to your work in the discussion!
We vote with our dollars - so let's support one another in conscious business endeavors :P

3] To all those attendees that forgot to get that phone number, that FB add, that Insta link... 
Tag your friends here for "Missed Connections"!
One of the primary reasons for these "neo-networking" events is to meet creative individuals of like mind and build together :p

4] Be ready to go deep at the next Mystic Misfi event in Jan 2017 !!! :)

Sincerely Yours, 
Jorda, Rya, & Kevi