The Flow (Mystical) State [Part 2 of 3]

Have you ever been in a Flow State so profound it almost felt 'religious'?


Did you feel time drop away, suddenly become a genius, or find yourself swiftly completing difficult tasks?


What constitutes a Mystical Experience? Where does FLOW end and the TRANSCENDENT begin?


Here are Seven Aspects of a Flow | Mystical Experience:


1) Ineffability (You are unable to capture the experience in words)


2) Noeticism (You feel like the experience revealed otherwise inaccessible or hidden knowledge/abilities)


3) Transiency (It's over before you know it)


4) Passivity (The sense that the experience happens TO you)


5) Oneness (An experience of unity of opposites, Wholeness, or Completion)


6) Timelessness (A sense that the state transcends Time itself)


7) True Self (You feel as if the experience has revealed the nature of your true identity, one beyond discrimination and duality, beyond ego)


Sound familiar?

We imagine a Seeker's primary concern is to explore these states, cultivate mastery, share them with each other, and to Map the Territory.

What could this mean for our personal lives, AND for the life of our society ..?


Let's find out together!


CSO @ Mystic Misfit

- - Inspired by the work of psychologists William James & F.C. Happold.

Collective flow states can be the MOST powerful ...